Quinlan Vos – ESTP

Quinlan Vos only shows up in one episode of The Clone Wars, but he made quite an impression on fans (including me). In that brief appearance he seemed like an ESTP and (for me at least) reading Dark Disciple by Christie Golden cleared away any doubts about his type within the first few chapters.Quinlan Vos - ESTP | StarWarsPersonalities.wordpress.com

Kinetic Skills

Even when he’s hiding his Force use, Quinlan demonstrates the quick reaction time and physical skills that characterize the “real-time kinetic” skills typical of an Extroverted Sensing (Se) type. His co-pilot Introverted Thinking (Ti), which is fantastic at filtering out inaccurate information, comes in handy as an undercover operative for the Jedi counsel.

In my Kylo Ren post, I mentioned my theory that certain Force powers are connected to a Force-User’s personality. For example, FJ types Kylo and Yoda (an INFJ) can both tap-in to other people’s feelings. Quinlan has a Force gift that’s specific to him (as far as I know, no other in-canon Force user has it). Psychometry allows him to see the history of an object when he touches it. A comb tells him its owner flexed in the mirror when no one is looking, his master’s lightsaber tells him how he died, a stolen antique points to the smugglers who handled it. This gift fits well with his ESTP personality, since SE users are so in-tune with the sensory, external world of people and objects.Quinlan Vos - ESTP | StarWarsPersonalities.wordpress.com

Dark Side

Quinlan also has a strong tertiary Extroverted Feeling (Fe) side, which is pretty typical of TP types (especially the fictional ones). It helps build their charming, devil-may-care personality. But Fe isn’t a reliable process for ESTP types.

When Quinlan gives in to his feelings for Ventress and starts using the Dark Side, he falls into an Se/Fe loop that circumvents his wiser brain functions. He stops making decisions through his logical, fact-checking Ti co-pilot and starts doing whatever it takes to be with the person he cares about. Healthy Fe users, like Hera Syndula, made decisions based on what’s best for large groups of people. But for someone with under-developed Fe, wanting to make other people happy can get them in trouble.Quinlan Vos - ESTP | StarWarsPersonalities.wordpress.com

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