Monsters & Critics Interview

I was so excited to have Mary Beth Ellis contact me after my last blog post about doing an interview with Monsters & Critics. In this post, we talk about why I think it’s useful to see droids as having human traits, which characters are the hardest and easiest to type, the possibility of typing […]

The Clone Wars Essential Episodes

I love The Clone Wars series. The entire thing is worth watching, but what if you’re just trying to hit the highlights? Maybe you’re trying to binge as much as possible before the next film comes out and can’t fit the whole series in. Or maybe you’re introducing someone new to Star Wars and want to give […]

My Favorite Little Moments in The Prequel Trilogy

Several months ago, I listened to an episode of Full of Sith where Brian and Holly were talking about their favorite tiny moments in Star Wars (mostly the Disney-era films) and it inspired me to write about some of mine. Since I’m re-watching the movies and series in chronological order to prep for Disney’s streaming service […]